Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Great Website

I've discovered another super website thanks to the great people at  It's called Portable  and it's loaded with free applications that you can put on a flash drive and take with you wherever you go.  Today I downloaded  Task Coach Portable to help me keep track of my projects for my Fall shows.  There are all sorts of applications available including games, office, utilities, and more.  The key is to have your flash drive plugged into your computer and then download the app to the drive, not your computer.

I recommended the Task Coach Portable app to Kevin so he can hopefully keep track of things for his new job, which I think he's starting next week -- woohoo!


Renee said...

My My you're busy this morning.
Good job updating your website Is there a link to it from your blog?
(You never know when a visitor might have $$$ burning a hole in the pocket!)

Big Congrats to Kevin! Does this mean he's done at Zumba's Or will he still pick up a few shifts there?

Enjoy your weekend.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the push Renee. I'll add my website to the blog list when it's a bit more presentable.

Kevin's still working at Zumba when he can since it's 'for sure' money. I enjoy the perks of him working there too!