Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Done, Done, Diddley Done

It took a few hours to complete but my mid year review at work is done.  Such a weight lifted off my shoulders.  Since our jobs are going away in January, it's hard to justify the sweat that went into the task but hopefully it will make a difference if there are jobs in another department to compete for.  I'm amazingly bad at tooting my own horn, as my boss suggested I do, but I try to keep track of anything meaningful that I manage to contribute.

I know I've had enough of this heat wave.  It was 94º today and so darn humid.  I took Maggie for a walk, since the neighbors were in their backyard, and she did her usual pulling and sniffing for the first part of the walk and then decided it was far too uncomfortable for that foolishness and settled down for a civil walk.  Once home she plopped herself in front of the fan and I cracked open a nice cold beer.  I'm looking forward to a cooler weekend but hoping all of the things I've recently planted survive.

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