Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just Can't Go Wrong

How can you possibly go wrong with a day like today??
Not a cloud in the sky -- the kind of day I long for in the middle of a dreary winter day.

I started the morning by watering everything in my gardens, even the weeds.  I'm hoping that will help me yank them out with a little less effort, either later today or tomorrow morning.  It's going to be warm all weekend so yard work will have to be done early.

My Rose of Sharon has been in full bloom for about 2 weeks -- very early for them around here.

They're a really nice addition of color to the front of my house but those seedlings -- ARRGGHH!  Plus the bees really do love them.  Seems like everything I like to plant -- Speedwell, Coneflowers, Malva -- are also loved by bees!

Well, I'm off to knit on the front porch before it gets too warm for me.  Have a super Saturday!

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