Monday, September 14, 2009

Times Have Changed

Today while a batch job was running at work, I decided to keep busy by Windexing my desk.  There was a sticky spot that initiated this task.  You know how you start cleaning one little thing and then you just keep going and going.  Often I move on and forget why I originally started cleaning, at least that's how it goes at home.
Once I was done cleaning my desk, telephone and calculator, etc, I spotted my nameplate.  I slipped the name part out from the metal holder and placed it on my desk.  I spritzed it with Windex and could not believe my eyes.  A brownish-yellowish residue appeared.  I realized I hadn't cleaned it since the days back in the '80s in the old office when smoking was allowed at work!  It took a couple of cleanings to get it all nice again.  I never smoked but several people around me did, especially one gal - Dee - who would light up and then leave it in her ashtray forever, puffing away occasionally.  They tried the smokeless ashtrays for a while but they never worked.
It was a glorious day when they finally rolled out the non-smoking sign all those years ago.  Most people would be stunned if someone lit up in the office today.  It's hard to believe it was ever the norm. Times have changed.

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