Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Checkered Bag

Tonight I finished knitting a bag to be felted.  Might be the last one before my show at the end of the month.  I had purchased the Lopi yarn at a sale at Skeins on Main last year and finally got around to knitting it up.  It's my basic Jones bag but with a checkered twist!  I hope to felt it this weekend along with one other bag and any hats I may get done before then.  I finished knitting the handles, a 7 stitch version, at the Black Sheep Knitting Guild meeting tonight.  Here's the bag, the handles and a pocket.  I'm hoping that I carried the yarn loosely enough while knitting the checkered part so that it doesn't pucker -- we'll see on Saturday!


Here's a close up of the handle stitch ~~

After work tonight I met my friend Eddie for dinner at the Maple Leaf Cafe in Birmingham.  While the food was delicious I realized I had neglected to take a Prilosec this morning and I was feeling 'the burn' all night.  I had finally found an evening where Eddie could visit our guild meeting and while he was the only guy there I think he was comfortable, especially since he knew several people already from Ewe-nique Knits who were there.
I had a chance to visit with my friend Colleen, the aunt of the baby who died at birth two weeks ago.   I was really glad she made it to guild.  We hugged each other really hard, several times, and tried even harder not to cry.  Mostly successful, we talked a bit about how her sister and brother-in-law were doing and I asked her again to let them know I'm thinking about them.  Still so very sad.
Tomorrow will be the virtual baby shower for my friend Diane's daughter who is living in Northern Ireland.  I'll carefully wrap up the sweater for the baby and pray for a safe delivery and good health.  Something I think I had begun to take for granted but no longer.

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