Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mt Bruce Station show

I've been a bit whipped since the Mt Bruce Sheep & Wool Festival last weekend.  The weather was lousy on Saturday, rainy and chilly all stinking day.  I was dry but chilled and managed to sell fairly well.  I snapped some pictures on Sunday, which was much nicer -- sunny and warmer.  This year was different because I had my friend Tanya with me, who was selling her own sewn bags and beaded stitch markers.  It's really nice to have someone with you -- the show can be pretty long when you're by yourself.

Yvonne and Peter have a fabulous 1920's era home on several acres and each fall they decorate the heck out of the whole place.  This was my 7th year vending at this show and while the weather was iffy and my sales were down 42% compared to last year, I still enjoyed the show.


Notice the giant spider on the roof?  Down below was the beekeeper.  Thank goodness for the cold day Saturday -- it kept the bees in check.

Kids were able to explore the haystacks and angora bunnies ~~

We indulged in our usual Apple Cake -- the absolute best in the world.

My lunch both days was a yummy Foccacia made with ground lamb, heirloom tomatoes, basil, onions, and cheese.  Deeee--lish!

There were plenty of animals for folks to see, up close and personal.  Some of the sheep were sheared while they watched.  The Jacob and Romney were both seen wooly and bald ~~

And the alpaca were adorable, as usual ~~

 My booth was set up pretty much as it was for the Keego Harbor show and we seemed to get compliments  on our booth.  Several friends came by and a few hardy souls from the Black Sheep Knitting Guild tried to knit in public -- but it was so darned miserable they had to concede.



I managed to sell 14 hats, 5 felted purses (including some old inventory) and a pair of fingerless mittens.  While sales were not so great at least I don't have to knit my fingers to the bone to build up inventory for the Charlevoix show, which is next week!

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SusanQuilter said...

Nice pictures--I enjoyed them! Glad you sold some stuff and will be ready for the next show.