Sunday, September 6, 2009

Liver and Onions

I know what you're thinking -- ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
But when I was young, liver and onions was a dinner we had each month.  It's not an exciting dish.  No, it's actually quite simple and frugal.  Beef liver, rolled in seasoned flour, and fried in a skillet with butter.  Add oodles of sliced sauteed onions and a thick plop of whipped potatoes and we had a rib sticking dinner.  Cholesterol -- what's that??? We were never concerned with that as children.  I only knew it was high in iron and made me strong, like Popeye!
Yesterday I visited the Royal Oak Farmers' Market for the first time in eons.  There were many new vendors there including a place that sold beef that is raised on grass, no grains, no hormones, no yuck.  I learned their beef was high in Omega 3s and because it's raised on grass, the liver doesn't process the same old garbage so it's actually a healthier version.  I bought it, hook-line-and sinker.  What was really nice, though, was they gave me a pound of ground beef to try too.  So I got a pound of beef liver and a pound of ground beef for less than $2.50.  
Next I sought out some bacon to fry up with the liver, etc., and purchased a dozen brown eggs along with the 1# of bacon.  This guy actually raises, smokes and butchers his own meat.  I have to say both the eggs and bacon were excellent.  I'll be back to buy more.  From other farmers I purchased white onions, peaches,  cashew butter, and apple cider.
I love supporting our local economy.
So today I invited my mother to come over for dinner.  I know how she enjoys a liver and onions dinner so it was the perfect opportunity.   At first I thought I'd take dinner to her, which I usually do, but today I decided it would be too tough to cook it all at her apartment.  Plus, it would give her an opportunity to get out.  She hadn't been over to my house in months.
Dinner was fabulous -- liver & onions w/bacon, whipped potatoes, green beans, and fresh French bread.  Yummo!
Mom cleaned her plate so I must have been successful!  The liver was actually quite tender -- not at all like the beef liver I've had in the past.  It must be the grass!!
I can't wait to use the ground beef they gave me.  I bet it will be great too.
Tomorrow is the last day of the Michigan State Fair.  More than 160 years later the show will come to an end due to the economy.  That is so sad.  Maybe I'll try to take Kevin over there tomorrow.  He's never been, and I think he'll enjoy the Miracles of Life pavilion.  I'll take my camera if I do end up going.

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SusanQuilter said...

It's too darn funny! As I mentioned, I am currently reading "Julie & Julia", true story of a blogger who decides to make all the recipes in a year in Julia Child's "The Art of French Cooking". So the night before your post, I was reading about her making liver & onions & other various preps of liver. I've never had it, thought it sounded kind of icky but now thinking, hmmm....what am I missing?