Monday, September 21, 2009

New to Me

When I was young my mother didn't really stray much when it came to cooking.  We had basic food but it was good.  Nothing fancy and most everything we had was a tried and true recipe.  Sometimes I get on kicks where I dig out a cookbook (I've got plenty of those) and try something new.  It could be using ingredients I've had in restaurants but never used at home or it could be something totally new to me.

Tonight I made pork chops, steamed carrots and steamed purple cauliflower.  Yes, it was purple.  I bought it Saturday at the Farmers Market, along with the carrots. 

When it was in the saucepan the water turned really dark and when I drained it I thought "wonder if this could be used to dye wool?"  The taste was a bit different than white cauliflower and it was good.  The farmer said it has more nutrients than the white version.  I'll have to fact check that one.

I've had a wicked sinus attack that started yesterday around 8 pm and while it subsided for a bit today, it's back.  I'll going to find something in the medicine cabinet and call it a day.

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