Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Ewe-nique Reveal

With only a few weeks to plan and execute a 1000 square foot expansion, Ewe-nique Knits in Royal Oak held a fall sale this weekend to share their new layout with customers and friends.  Marilyn and her daughter Amy salvaged this shop 4 years ago from the brink of closure.  The previous owner had grown weary and was truthfully not a good shop owner.  Everything changed when Marilyn and Amy put their love and interest of fiber arts into the tiny shop in the old church building at the corner of 6th and Lafayette.
The old shop owner did not keep up with current trends and ran customers off with her abrupt demeanor.  These new owners are the antithesis.  They've expanded the shop by incorporating spinning, something no one else in the area does.  To that end, they needed more space for their spinning circles and this is where they'll meet from now on ~~
Plenty of seating with lots of space to spin.  The faux fireplace and barnyard scenes were done by Marilyn's talented brother.
20 years ago the same brother gave Marilyn this fabulous chair, long before she dreamed of owning a shop ~~

This new space was formerly occupied by the Oakland County Democratic Committee.  Not sure where they went...
Here's part of the new space with Ann Marie ready to show off the newest stock ~~

I went to the shop on Friday after work but forgot my camera - darn - so I knew I'd have to come back today -- double darn.  Yesterday I met up with my friend Joyce and her daughters Colleen (with baby Samantha) and Erin. We all did our best to help the economy.
Today I returned, with camera, and met up with Eddie and Tracy.  I picked up some more Lamb's Pride Bulky to make more felted cloche hats.  Everyone who made a purchase received the new 'green' cotton totebags designed by my friend Kate (so darn talented!).  There were plenty of totes flying out the door this weekend.
Here's Eddie making his purchase with the aid of co-owner Amy and her uncle, the talented painter.

 At a display near the door you can find all kinds of essentials:  knitting needle cases, tape measurers, hand crafted crochet hooks, and the cute Lantern Moon ball holders on the top left.  I may just need one of these.
 Sorry for the sideways picture -- just lean your head way over toward your right shoulder! 
 And here is Marilyn, the happy (and probably exhausted!) shop owner ~~
Well we worked up an appetite shopping and taking pictures, so Eddie, Tracy and I headed over to Cafe Muse on Washington for lunch.  None of us had been there before but I'd heard great things about them including their Grilled Cheese sandwich making it onto the Oprah Winfrey show.  We all ordered something different:  Tracy a salad, Eddie the grilled cheese sandwich, and I chose the French Toast stuffed with Mascarpone cheese, topped with pears.  We were all super satisfied and the staff was so nice.  We'll all be back soon to try some of the other offerings that sounded equally great.
Today was a really beautiful day weatherwise.  The temperature was in the lower 70s, the wind was blowing mildly and the sun shone radiantly all day.  It's cooling off nicely so it will be another great night for sleeping.  It was a perfect day for me!  Shopping, eating, knitting (finished 3 hats), and now I'm ready for bed.

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