Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tidy Sunday

I started the day by making a big recipe of macaroni and cheese to take out to my Mom's for lunch.  My roommate and I took Maggie with us.  My Mom always enjoys getting visits but especially loves when the various dogs come to see her.  There was enough macaroni & cheese left to last her a few meals.  I also took her a ham bone and some yellow peas so she can make a big pot of French Canadian pea soup.  Oddly though, she had a bit of a struggle remembering the ingredients.  She's made it a hundred times but not for a few years, she said.  Hmm....

Once home I got busy organizing my kitchen.  The rule is to tackle one drawer or cabinet or closet a week. I neglected to take before pictures so these ARE the after pictures!

I went gang busters and cleared out my cabinet with the storage items, bakeware, bowls, etc. :

I got rid of so much Tupperware from the '80's: Jello molds, etc., not been used in at least 10 years.  Again, why did I still have it???

Feeling pretty successful, next it was the gadget drawer.  It was so full of crap I could hardly open the drawer.  There were 'must have' tools in there that I hadn't used in YEARS.  Some went to my roommate, some to Salvation Army, and a bunch in recycling or garbage.  Anybody need a shrimp deveiner???
Then it was time to do the cutlery drawer and then the dreaded catch-all drawer.

The kitchen linens drawer was in reasonably good shape.  Don't you love all those knitted dishcloths courtesy of my friend Carol?!

I'm ready to tackle my Craft Cave next.  I really need to organize my fabrics and get them queued up for quilts, clothing, home dec items.  So little time, so many ideas!!

Hope you have a great week!  Get organized!!

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~knitted dishcloths cute! ;-D