Sunday, March 10, 2013

Giveaway Winners!

And the winners are:
Research Randomizer Results
3 Sets of 1 Unique Numbers Per Set
Range: From 1 to 18 -- Unsorted

Job Status: 
Set #1:10

Set #2:9

Set #3:13

Number 10 is Kara, Number 9 is Kim T, and number 13 is Stacey.  I have contacted each of you.  Whoever replies first gets first dibs of the prizes.  Woohoo!

ETA:  Kim has claimed the yarn!  Kara has claimed the patterns!  Stacey is getting the needles!


Anonymous said...

Yay!! Thank you so very much, Suzanne! I am so very happy to be getting these beautiful needles. They are the best match for me. That worked out nice for everyone. :)


Suzanne said...

You're welcome Stacey! Glad each winner got what they wanted.