Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Busy Busy

I have been very busy with a little of this and a little of that lately.  I'm still cleaning and tidying things up.  I vacuumed all over the house today.  It started when I decided to clean up behind my entertainment center when I was installing a new antenna.  My new vacuum can extend way beyond my normal reach and I found all kinds of dirt I didn't know was there.  Okay, maybe I knew it was there but chose not to see.

Last weekend I finished a cute little wall hanging for my daughter Holly to use in her classroom.  She's a special ed teacher for grades 3-5 and has two students in her classroom who are non-verbal so she's trying to teach them sign language:

I used a fusible batt called 'duo fuse' by Innovative Craft Products.  I'll admit, I wimped out and used fusible because I just didn't want to pin baste and although I know I have fusible spray, I took the easy way out.  It worked really well except for the sticky deposits on my ironing board cover.  At first I thought it was really stiff, but it was easier to quilt than the June Taylor brand.  It took less than an hour to machine quilt but about 3 hours to sew the bind down on the back - crazy! 

I used my brand-new iron from Vermont Country Store -- a DRY iron -- wow!

I know what you're thinking -- How in the world can it press without steam?  Oh, mon ami -- it does so very well, and without the distortion I get when I use a steam iron.  I bought the iron for an upcoming workshop with Anita Grossman Solomon, who recommends the dry iron.  I'm getting some practice in before the workshop!

I pressed all of the fabric I will be using for next week's workshops with Kim Diehl.  Tomorrow I'll get the pre-sewing done and I'll be all set for the classes -- phew!

I'll have my blogoversary giveaway reveal tomorrow so be sure to check back in!

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~ nice wall hanging! ;-D