Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Juki Cover

Today I made a cover for my Juki sewing machine.  It came with a really lame vinyl-plastic thing which has been relegated to the linen closet for now.  I love these black and white pics I took of my machine!

I measured the machine pretty carefully since it's wider on the right than the left.  You can see in the picture above that the back end of the picture shows the cone/thread stand.

Here's what I created today:

 Top view:

And here's how I made it:
Using an amazing whimsical cotton/linen Kokka fabric from and a silk piece acquired from my friend Diane, I cut a 38" long by 30" wide piece from each fabric.  I ironed fusible cotton on the back side of the silk to stabilize it and then sewed the two pieces right sides together, leaving a 6" opening to birth it.  I turned it right side out and gave it a good pressing.

Next I edge stitched all the way around, stitching across the opening I had left to turn it.  I figured a handle would be come in handy for lifting it off of the machine so I made a little handle using the Kokka fabric and the fusible again.

I sewed the sides together and made a 7" gusset on the left side and a 3" gusset on the right, to compensate for the thread stand in the back of the machine.

I turned the bottom edge up 2" and stitched it down, adding a bit of heft at the bottom for weight.  It will keep my machine dust-free for those times when it must wait for me to sew on it.  So much better than that vinyl cover!


harriet said...

Damn that's cute!

See, I still read your blog, even though you're not knitting any more.

Eddie said...

Great job, Suzanne. I love the fabric.

Sue Chase said...

Really nice & a great use for that beautiful fabric! Good job!

Anonymous said...

~ really cute fabric!..great job! ;-D

Suzanne said...

Thanks everyone -- it sure was fun to make. Now my Featherweight needs one too!