Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend's Over

Well, another weekend has come and gone.  The heatwave has subsided, for now.  Today it was only 85ºF so that's cool compared to 102ºF.  Everything is relevant.  I got a haircut and color Friday after work.  The jury is still out on the cut.  My stylist cut quite a bit more off the back than the rest of my head.  We'll see if that works for me.

I finished sewing the borders on the pink quilt top and today I got busy on Denver's quilt.  The first pieced border is more snowball blocks.  I had to mark the diagonal on 160 2" squares.  Let me tell you -- that was really, really fun.  Not.  Then I had to sew them to 40 4 1/2" squares and now I'm squaring them up.  I always think I sew so carefully but I've always got clean up work to do when I'm done.  I've got to sew those blocks together and attach them the sides of the quilt top, then three more borders and I'm done.

I ran over to JoAnn's today to use my 50% off coupon on another roll of Fusi-Boo batting for the pink quilt. I have to piece the backing for that quilt and then sandwich it all together before machine quilting it.  I'm on a roll lately!

My Mom came home from the hospital today and I sure hope she understands her dietary changes so we don't have a repeat visit to the hospital in another two weeks.  My sister Renee has done a great job of taking care of Mom and making sure she gets good treatment from the staff there.  She keeps a notepad with her so she can write everything down and keep Mom from getting more confused.

This week at work should be interesting.  Both my boss and his boss should be back in the office after their vacations so we'll see what happens next with my latest test project.  In the meantime, I'm off to square up the last of my snowball blocks.

Have a great week!

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