Monday, July 16, 2012

Helpful Friends

Saturday could not have gone better for my big yarn sale.  Ok, if it was a little cooler and I hadn't gotten a sunburn, maybe.  Amazingly enough -- I sold about 500 skeins of yarn.  No, I'm not kidding.  First my friend Colleen arrived with her daughter Samantha and together we got the first half dozen bags of yarn out of my house and out onto the tables.  Next Tanya and Kim appeared and took charge organizing the yarn on the tables to encourage their sale.  Tanya got on her cell phone and started making calls to all the knitters she could think of and they soon descended on my stash reduction sale.  Next she helped me haul more and more yarn out of the cubbies in my Craft Cave.

There were bargains to be had.  The only way the prices could have been lower is if I was dead and  my roommate was 'getting rid' of my stash.  Where else on Earth can you buy Cascade 220 or Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride for $1 per skein.  And I sold them all by the end of the day.

I'll be having another sale in September but the bargains won't be quite as cheap.  Nevertheless it will be good for someone seeking out sweater quantities of yarn.  Good yarn.  I'll have more of the yarn I won't ever use out there too.  I just can't knit like I used to and like Kathleen said, keep only what you know you'll knit for special people like your grandson.  So true.

While I may have had pangs of sadness, my friend Chris reminded me that I had fun buying the yarn.  Most of it I remembered exactly what I was going to use it for.  Now someone else will enjoy knitting with them.  I'm sharing the love, $1 skein at a time.

Tonight my friend Mary and her husband Paul came over in the 90º+ heat and helped me replace four rotten boards on my fence.  The kind linesmen at Detroit Edison destroyed one of the boards when they replaced the telephone pole and Maggie could have walked right through it.

And in more exciting news, I had no cavities tonight when I had my dental check up -- woohoo!!!

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