Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Plans, Shplans

Last night I finished sewing two strips to complete the first border on Denver's quilt.  Never mind that I actually started it nearly 18 months ago.  Next up is the pieced border, which I was all set to sew today.

Today is the fourth of July.  Not a holiday anywhere else but in the US.  Work is so crazy that it is the only day off for me this week.  Lots of my co-workers have taken part or all of the week off but not me.  One of my teammates is AWOL so I need to pick up the slack.

So I was really looking forward to having today off to do things I WANTED to do.  No luck.  I called my Mom to see if we could have lunch (sandwiched between a day of sewing).  Uh, no.  She needed to do her grocery shopping.  Reluctantly I volunteered to take her, then realized on my drive out there that there was no way in 95º heat that she should be out.  That left me to do the shopping alone, which I did, and man was it hot.  Had I known I would have headed out there by 8 am when it was much cooler.  Anyhow, I got the shopping done, picked up lunch for us at Boston Market, and cut up the fruit I bought to make a fruit salad for her to enjoy for the next several days.

Once I got home I noticed the electric company had done more work on the telephone pole adjacent to my fence and broke another piece off my fence, leaving a hole definitely big enough for Maggie to get out or some other critter to get in.  I measured the dog eared fence board and drove over to Home Depot.  Amazing, or maybe not, I was told they could not rip the 5 1/2" boards they had down to the 4" board I needed.  Really??  So I drove next door to Lowe's, where they were all too happy to help me pick out the boards I needed, carry them over to the cutting station and cut them down to a 4" width and lop off 1 1/2" on the bottom, to accommodate the dirt shifting that the electric company did.  Service with a smile instead of attitude -- I love it.

We had some more wicked weather today.  Storms, wind, and HAIL -- 

When it was all over this leaf was stuck to my front door:

Now even though I didn't sew a single stitch I am still looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.  Oddly, today feels like Sunday.  Hmm.  Anyway, tomorrow after work I'm getting a very much needed massage.  I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that!

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