Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cleaning Up

Today is my first official day of re-retirement.  I've been in the Craft Cave for days now and I'm making some headway.  Ever notice how things sometimes have to get worse before they actually get better?  Here's where I started this time.  Much of the yarn in the first Expedit went out in my sale two weeks ago, leaving bits of yarn here and there.

A good chunk of the yarn in the second Expedit remained behind this time.  Next sale more of it will be heading out the door to someone else's stash, I hope!
Remember how sometimes you have to be shamed into changing your situation?  It looks like a disaster struck, because essentially one did.  I was pulling yarn out willy-nilly for my sale and there were many casualties tossed to the floor.  Thank goodness yarn doesn't break!

I have a grand plan and you'll get to see the results tomorrow, hopefully, once I've got everything in place.  I still need to find a spot in the house to store the yarn intended for the next sale.  This messy, can't put my hands on things room will be ship shape after spending a mere 5 days on it.  OK, so it takes me a while to make up my mind on things but it will all come together, eventually.

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