Monday, July 30, 2012

More Quilt Show Photos

Here's round 2 of the photos from the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild show that I attended on Saturday.  It probably seems like I always post a lot of pictures from the quilt shows I attend.  But when you think that there are over 200 on display, it's not so many!

I always love a pretty Ocean Waves quilt and I really liked the rose colored fabric choice in this one:

This cute vase of flowers had won a 1st Prize in its category at the AQS show in Paducah:

This small wall hanging of a dragon had excellent quilting but the dragon itself is not flat -- wonder why?

I loved this next quilt.  A group project whereby a photo was cut into sections and each member of the group worked on their own little piece before bringing it all back together as one quilt.

Here's a closeup of one section.  One friend commented that it looked a bit like a part of a woman's anatomy, but she's going through treatment for cancer so she's a little fixated on that right now.  I'm thinking it was just a squash or maybe a cucumber, with an eggplant behind it. :*)

I liked this next one especially because the quilter chose a black polka dot fabric for the sashing:

Subconsciously, I think this yellow wall hanging inspired my fabric choice later when I was shopping!

This amazing, amazing wall hanging was actually the artist's first attempt at a miniature.  The red and yellow squares are about 1/2" pieces.  Incredible precision!!

This last wall hanging is for my friend Mary, who loves to ride her bicycle.  Someday I'll get back on my bike Mary, honest I will.

If you want a chance to win an unbelievable Dream Studio from AQS go here and enter.  I did and hope I win but if not, I hope YOU win!


Janet said...

I was at that show on Sunday, what a great show!! I forgot to take my camera, so enjoyed your pics;)

Suzanne said...

Thanks Janet. What a great venue for a show -- lighting and spacing was perfect.