Sunday, September 25, 2011

Whipped, Again!

Today was the second day of this year's Sheep & Wool Festival.  The weather started out cloudy and turned sunny by mid-day.  Thank goodness!  We were all very fearful that the rain showers would come and ruin the day.

Traffic was light but I did have a few more sales.  I had visits from several friends:  Barb, Eddie, Tracy, Kate, Janet, Ann, plus a few return customers.  Overall the day went well.  It took me 65 minutes to pack everything up and get on the road home -- a record for me!

I bought this super cute candle from the folks at Bernie Bee:

This special onesie for my favorite grandson:

And some basic laundry soap:
Both items were from Sleepy Hollow Herbs in Armada.  I tried the laundry soap tonight -- so far, so good!

Here's a satisfied customer of mine who chose her very own felted cloche:

I have a busy week ahead, capped off with a business trip where I foolishly booked a 6:15 AM flight on Saturday -- WHAT WAS I THINKING?????

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