Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Much For Plans

I took today off from work so that I could take Holly to her doctor appointment.  I putzed around this morning and took care of setting up my credit card processing with Elavon for my upcoming show season.  I activated my account so now I'm ready to handle the throngs of credit card sales, right??

I vacuumed.  I cleaned the bathroom. And then I got a text message from Holly.  Her doctor had an emergency and had to move her appointment to Friday.  FRIDAY????  I can't take Friday off.  Darn!  Undeterred, I decided to visit her and the most beautiful grandson in the whole wide world anyway!  I picked up lunch for us at 'Wiches in Oxford on the way out to Holly's house.  Michigan Salad was good, Chicken Salad sandwich was delish, but the Lobster Bisque was bleh - no discernible lobster pieces and a bit spicy.

I took some special gifts for baby Denver.  First was a wonderful handknit Baby Surprise sweater and matching booties from my friend Harriet.  It's gorgeous but I forgot to take a picture (next time!).  Second was a beautiful quilt from my friend Sue.  Here are some pictures of the quilt and Denver enjoying it!

I can see the workshop with Diane Gaudynski is paying off Sue!!!

I also took out my special Denver items - a hat, a t-shirt and a bib, all from Cafe Press.  Here's my wee one sporting the hat:

My sister Denise, who is Holly's godmother, sent Denver a package last week -- his first mail!  In the box were three pair of super cute shoes -- his first pair of Keens, Merrills and these North Face boots:

Aren't they precious??!!

I held him in my arms while Holly took a shower and he was so content.  Seriously, he doesn't cry when I hold him.  I think he knows already how much I love him.  I was so glad to spend the afternoon with them, even if our plans did get changed on us.  I look forward to doing this again very soon!


Great Aunt Renee said...

What a cutie! So nice that you got to spend the day with them and that they are all doing well. Love the pictures Grandma!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this was better! You got to have a relaxed visit with Denver with no distractions. What fun!

SusanQuilter said...

SOOOO sweet!!

Anonymous said...

~ luv the pics of denver!..he is a cutie pie! ;-D