Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Curtain

This is the curtain that's been taking up my time of late!  I started on it Sunday night and finished it Monday night!  Marathon work for me.  I started with 3 1/2 yards of curtain fabric plus 3 1/2 yards of black out lining fabric from Haberman Fabrics, here in Royal Oak.  They've got the best selection of "good" fabric and nothing's too good for my grandson!

I cut the fabric in half-ish and sewed it together to get a width of 108".  That's a lot of fabric!  There was a lot of sweating and slogging and even a couple of swear words.  I don't have a sewing room (YET!) so I really struggle with big projects.  I even took the curtain to work so I could use a large table to even out the edges before I finished it late Monday.

After work on Tuesday I drove out to see Baby Denver and have my son-in-law Mike install the curtain rod so I could hang the curtain.  I didn't get to hold Denver much -- he was snoozing away most of the time I was there.

After we ate dinner, Denver woke up, expecting his dinner.

He let us all know that he intended to eat - NOW!!

Monday night I stopped my sewing long enough to run over to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick out a curtain rod. I snapped this photo with my smart phone and Holly chose the rod on the top.  Isn't it nice that phones make this happen??

Here's a close up of the fabric.  The stitching went a whole lot better once I started using the walking foot.  Thank goodness I remembered what the gal at Haberman's had told me!  Don't look too, too, closely but the first three rows of stitching were done using the walking foot and the bottom row, uh, wasn't.  Big difference!

I'm so glad to have the curtain delivered so I can get back to knitting for my weekend show.  The weather is now looking really crappy -- low 60s with rain.  I can hardly wait.  NOT!!

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Anonymous said...

~ nice curtain g'ma!..luv the denver pics! ;-D