Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Out of my stash....

...and into my tub of finished hats:

I think it will make a nice child's hat.  I've had the yarn in my stash since, gasp, 2004.  It actually had been sitting beside my bed, in front of my nightstand, in a plastic container and was so neglected.  I've made amends and now it will hopefully find it's way onto the head of some adorable girl very soon.  I used most of a skein of Gedifra Serano, a microfiber/nylon blend, and part of a skein of Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted Wool.  It's a simple rolled brim hat, straight stockinette, double D decrease, and an umbilical cord finish.

Tonight I also got the handles sewn on two felted bags that I made last year and found during my hunt on Monday.  Now I just need to sew their cell phone pockets inside and they will be done, done, diddly done!

Tomorrow I've taken the day off of work to get things ready for my shows.  I'll probably tackle the hang tags and hopefully, get a hat knit up to be felted.

For now I'm off to sleep.  It's amazingly chilly right now and makes for an oh so comfortable night's sleep.

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