Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Tonight somewhere between the car and the front door to my house I was attacked.  Something with a wicked stinger set its sights on my forearm and let me have it:

Now I know that it doesn't look like a scorpion or tarantula bit me but I can assure you -- IT STINGS!  I can't imagine what I ever did wrong to that bee or whatever it was, but I'm off to find something in the medicine cabinet to provide relief.

I knit hat #70 today on the bus ride to and from work.  I started another one at knit group tonight but it's bigger than I was aiming for (child size was the goal) with a bulky yarn from Muench.  I'm contemplating un-knitting it and casting on with fewer stitches.  Such a tough decision since I'm actually at the point where decreasing begins.............

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