Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Found Her

Today I walked into a world I knew nothing about.  I entered the vast domain that is Cherry Beauty Department.  Who knew there were so many styles, colors, etc. of wigs, various forms of hair extensions and buns available and the people around to buy them???  Certainly not me.  I had no idea so many options even existed.  I remember way, way back my older sisters had some crazy wigs they would don, probably on bad hair days.  I think I may have even plunked them on my head, only to discover how miserably hot they were!

I found the Styrofoam wig stand I've been looking for and for the mere pittance of $1.99 I left the store happy as a clam.  She's not quite as rotund and I was hoping for but for now she will do.  

Here's where you come in.  She needs a name so I've created the little poll on the right.  I'm also open to other suggestions, so by all means, leave comments.

I've already put the yet-to-be-named wig stand to work.  She's modelling my Etta hat, and yes Kim, you were right.  My gauge was 19 stitches to 4" instead of 18.  Next time.......

Excellent shot of the Double D decrease!

Isn't she lovely??!!
She deserves a name so come on -- cast your vote in my poll or offer up a better solution in my comments!

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