Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Day

Don't you just love days when you start with a big, long list of things to do and you're able to check just about all of them off at the end of the day?  I had one of those days today and I feel so much better.  The clutter that fills my mind is slowly dissipating.  Phew!

I finished these bags today:

I used a collection of abalone butters that I acquired a few years ago.  They work well for these bags.  I chose skeins of variegated Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky for the bags and they felted up nicely.

This next bag was ordered by a customer who visited my website.  She liked one of the bags that I had shown at the Mt Bruce show (see notice up above on the right) but I had sold it.  That was OK with her because she wanted a different shape.  She gave me the dimensions and features she needed and voila, here it is:
I wove the cream colored yarn into the bag before it went into the washing machine.  It came out amazingly even and the finished size is spot on with the customer's measurements.

When I sew the buttons and pockets on my bags I don't mess around -- they're sewn on good and tight.  One of the problems with that is :

If you said 'those needles are all broken -- they have no eyes' you would be correct.  There was a fourth one but I had already thrown it out.  Yep, went through four sewing needles today.  I use buttonhole thread for the most part to sew the buttons, pockets, magnetic snaps, etc. on and tug like the dickens to make them stay on.  I guess I need a stronger needle too?

I punched the holes in my 98 laminated hang tags today and now I need to cut 20 yards of rattail into the cord for them. Yippee Skippy!  All part of the prep work necessary for a good show season.

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