Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long Weekends.....

....aahhhhhh!  I love long weekends.  I love it when I don't HAVE to go anywhere.  I can stay holed up in my own little corner of the universe and do whatever I want to do.  I've been a knitting fool lately, cranking out 3 more hats today.  I ran all over town trying to find one of those tacky styrofoam wig stands and could not find a single one.  I'll be off to another store after the holiday and if they don't have it then I'll be wandering all over 9 Mile Road in Ferndale, down Wig Shop row.  Someone has to have what I need.  I think my hats will look a whole lot better on the stand.  It's so hard to get the photograph them when they're lying flat on the floor.

Another task I tackled today was making my hangtags.  I used a two sided business card that I had made up through VistaPrint and then I took it to Fed Ex/Kinko's to laminate them.  I took 100 cards with me today.  I decided to laminate them myself rather than leave them for their staff to do.  It saved me a bunch of money and they came out pretty darn well.  They should have -- it took me 2 hours to laminate, cut out, then laminate once more.  I was on my feet the whole time.  Plus I managed to pinch the palm of my hand when I got a bit over-zealous with the trimming machine -- ouch!  It left a mark -- I knew it would!

I bought the rattail I use for the hangtags the other day when I went to Haberman Fabrics, so now I can cut it into useful lengths, punch the holes in the hangtags, and finish up that piece of preparing for the Fall shows. 

Tomorrow I'm finishing up one more Button Hat, blocking it, and choosing buttons to be sewn on the last few hats I've finished.  I've got to track down some felted bags that around here somewhere that need their handles sewn on.  Lots of little things to get finished up on my last day of vacation.

Hope you're all having a wonderful Holiday weekend.  For everyone else -- have a super week!!

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Heather Woollove said...

Suzanne--You are a whirlwind, girl!
If you haven't any luck in your wig stand search, check out I recently (just a few days ago) ordered one from them (with an additional clamp-on stand)...of course, I haven't seen it yet to know whether I'll be pleased with ask me about it later this week, ok?