Wednesday, December 19, 2012


There are always going to be stupid people in the world and people who do stupid things -- not always the same thing.

Today while driving to work I couldn't figure out why the @#%& car ahead of me was going 60 mph in the fast lane on the expressway.  Once I was able to switch lanes and pass her I COULD NOT believe what I saw.  A 60ish year old woman was putting on mascara while she was driving her car.  Honking at her had zero effect as she just continued to apply her makeup.  I was stunned and proceeded to zip ahead as I did not want anything to do with that train wreck waiting to happen.

I read a comment in the news today that struck me as equally stupid.  "Her hobby was guns."  Really???!!!!  Well I'm willing to bet my last fat quarter that if she was like me and her hobby was sewing, 26 innocent people would still be alive today and enjoying the holidays with their families.  I'll take my stash of fabric, tools, books, sewing machines and all that goes with 'em over a collection of guns any day.

Nothing wrong with my priorities.  As they say in the texting world, SMH.


Sigrun said...

I was so glad when Alberta passed the distracted driving law--only hands-free phones,no texting, no make-up, no reading, no GPS programming, no music programming--$250 fine if caught. but it's also not legal to pull over on the road to use the phone--has to be a rest stop or driveway or parking lot.

harriet said...

Sorry - what does SMH stand for?

Suzanne said...

Shaking My Head!!