Monday, December 24, 2012

Merrrrry Christmas!

Christmas may be tomorrow but I got to celebrate with Holly, Mike and my grandson Denver on Saturday.  I had ordered one verrrrry special gift and thank goodness it arrived Friday afternoon -- phew!  Nothing like getting a whiz-bang idea on Monday and hoping they can ship in time.

I spent about 2 hours wrapping everything Saturday morning -- who knew it would take so long?!!  In all honesty I had a few extra things to wrap -- Cabela's purchase for Mike to give to Holly (how'd he know?!) and from Holly to Mike.  I was such a good shopper, right Mary??

I loaded up the car and picked up lunch in Oxford and finally got to Holly's about 1 pm.  We were all starved so we ate first and then got to the gifts.  Denver was so darn cute opening his gifts -- one little bit of paper at a time.  I'm sure next Christmas he'll be tearing into his gifts without any coaxing.

Everything I bought him was from either the U.S. or Canada, except for his snowpants -- I did really well this year, keeping away from Chinese crap.  I got him a super cool eating utensil set shaped like Tonka toys, with a plate to go with them -- designed and manufactured in Ann Arbor, and a Bento box to take on hikes, stroller rides, visits to Grammie's.  A new school bus from Green Toys, made from recycled plastic in California.  A zip up hoody with shirt and karate pants from Los Angeles (American Apparel Co.) and a book called Quiet Loud, very cute!

But......the best gift of all was this sled, which Denver climbed right into, as if he knew just what to do:
I was positively giddy when I discovered this wonderful, made in Vermont, sled from American Traders!  It is so well made compared to the crap I was finding in the local stores.  Do I care that it cost more?  Heck no!  The quality more than makes up for the difference in price, made of ash and maple and screwed together.  The padding was made in Rhode Island - yeah!!  I know this one will last.  The one below that I looked at last week was actually put together with a staple gun -- a staple gun???

How long do you think that one (made in Canada, sorry to say) would have lasted?
Here's my little bundle of energy pushing his sled with Holly's old baby doll in it:

He had to stop, catch his breath, and examine his new ride:

Holly also tried his snowpants on him:

Just a touch long but will be fine with some boots on.  Mike put Denver's camouflage boots on that I got him last summer but they are so rigid he couldn't walk in them.  Maybe that's like women's high heeled shoes -- just meant for sitting not walking.
This pic was taken just about the time he tried to walk and couldn't because of the boots and then he just kind of crumpled to the floor and his boots came off!

I sure enjoyed my visit and my time with them always goes by much too quickly.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Renee said...

Very nice selections Suzanne. Denver is getting so big and cute!
Merry Christmas! See you up north. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

~ cute Denver pics!..luv the sled too! ;-D

Suzanne said...

Thank you!!