Sunday, December 9, 2012

Quilt Camp Report

I returned from Quilt Camp today and I am both invigorated and whipped!  Is that possible??!!  I started camp on Thursday with my misbehaving Featherweight -- arghh!  The bobbin case was just spinning and spinning and the machine would not stitch at all.  I called my roommate and he brought out my Juki to me instead on Friday morning.  I was SO grateful -- such a good son!

While I had nothing to sew on I took a few pictures of the Sandhill Cranes that were picking through the cornfield across from the inn:

We had several workshops, not all of which I enjoyed, and yet I managed to get a good hunk of sewing done.  I worked on a few things for our Holiday Bazaar at this coming Thursday's GLHQ meeting, and I hope to get a few more things done before then.  

Here are the blocks that our group made from our Improvisational Piecing class with Heather:

My contribution:

A camper named Sharon worked on this top while she was there:

I also made some bags from a pattern by Jeni Baker and here is one of them:

Our Quilt Camp hostess Brenda taught an English paper piecing workshop and here is my effort:
I've done EPP before and was reminded of my long ago project that needs completion -- hmmm, when will I get back to that one??

In the meantime, the innkeeper knocked my smartphone to the floor and the screen cracked like a wicked mirror breaking.  Double Arghh!!!  I found out tonight it would cost me over $500 to replace the phone but I can try to have it repaired at the Phone Doctor store in Southfield.  And before you leave a comment, NO I DON'T HAVE INSURANCE ON IT!  So guess where I'm going to be tomorrow night after work?  Nope, not sewing in my Craft Cave -- I'll be trying to get my phone screen replaced.  The innkeeper offered to pay for breaking it so I'll see how much it costs and decide about that.

Just for kicks I watched a YouTube video on the screen replacement process and you have no idea how complicated it is.  I watched in awe as the video maker painstakingly removed, unhooked, and slipped intricate piece after intricate piece out of the way in the phone so he could heat up the cracked glass and pry it off the phone.  I knew in an instant that this repair was not for amateurs.  I've fixed lots of things in my life out of necessity or for the challenge of it but I know when I've met my match and need to yield to the professionals.

I'll be taking my roommate's advice and putting Saran wrap on my phone for now to protect my fingers and hopefully they'll be able to fix it tomorrow.  I expect I'll have to drop it off and take home a loaner phone.  What a drag....

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Anonymous said...

~ oh no..yeah cracked screens & dropping them in the sink or toilet really sucks!..well hopefully ewe can get it fixed quickly & economically!;-D