Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I made this pillow for our quilt guild's Holiday Bazaar silent auction.
I thought it was clever as could be but you know what??  Not a single person bid on it.  The whole point of our bazaar is to make money to support our programs.  I put a minimum bid of $25 on it and not a single solitary soul bid.  I had more than $25 in to it so there was no way I was going to let anyone bid less than that.

I was really disappointed that no one wanted it.  Pretty darn dejected, actually.   That is, until my friend Cathy came along and bought it for her cottage.  Now I could have been okay bringing it home for my couch as I really did like it but Cathy said she'd think of me when she looks at it and that's good enough for me.

But that's the last time I bust my butt to get something ready for the bazaar only to see it not getting any bids. The same thing happened last year.  I may be dumb but I'm not stupid -- no third time for me!


Sigrun said...

In our community it's the same thing. Made a beautiful afghan, cost me $60 in yarn, they did a raffle with 2 prizes-my afghan and a beautiful watercolor, framed, and with the raffle they raised $125. From now on I just donate the cost of materials in cash and don't waste my time on the work.

Suzanne said...

That's my point exactly Sigrun! Can't understand why people don't bid....