Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Time for a Change

Today I did something I don't usually do until my roommate nags me enough.  I purchased a new furnace filter.  I know, big deal!  It's the sort of thing I just never think about and then when I change it -- ewwwww!  My air cleaner takes the large 16" x 25" x 4" filters.  I'm always forgetting which size it is so today I put it on my smartphone so there are no excuses going forward!  

Here's the old one.  Guess it DID need replacing after all:

Close up:

Brand spanking new filter:
You can tell the difference, right?!

So let that be a lesson to you -- if you've just turned your heat on, like me, get yourself a new filter!


Jamaal Milner said...

It’s nice that you bought furnace filter and did the changing by yourself. When was the last time the filter was replaced, or cleaned in the least? It clearly seemed like dirt was clogging up the filter and keeping the air from passing through. Just make it a habit to replace the filter regularly since most of our activities cause the dust to mix in with the air. ;)

Suzanne said...

These filters are meant to be changed annually. The last time I put a new one in was in January 2012, right after I had the duct work cleaned. Apparently I could stand to change it more often than recommended! Thank you for your comment.

Brooke Harris said...

Glad to hear that you know when to change your furnace filters. There are some who forget or don’t do it at all. In turn, dust and dirt gets trapped in your filter over time. If you don’t change it constantly, this may cause your furnace to become inefficient and create problems in the future.

Darryl Iorio said...

Filters should be cleaned regularly so that dirt will not accumulate and pose harmful effects to your health. About 3 years ago, my niece had allergies, and according to the doctor, it was caused by poor indoor air quality. From them on, we make it a point to keep our house clean, most importantly the air-conditioning and furnace filters.

-Darryl Iorio

Suzanne said...

Oddly enough, I had signed up for reminder email notifications from Honeywell and have not received it yet - probably because they think their filters only need to be changed once each year.

20x20x5 Furnace Filters said...

Your air filter is actually a device which helps to remove the solid particulates such as the pollen, mold, dust and bacteria from the air.

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Mechteld Abelli said...

Filters should be cleaned all the time. If you don’t, your indoor air quality will be put at risk, which will surely pose a harmful effect on your health. Aside from having my furnace cleaned, I also make it a point to change my filters once in a while to be assured of cleaner air quality.

-Mechteld Abelli