Friday, October 26, 2012

Is it me??

I'm telling you one thing, this looking for a job stuff is very labor intensive!  Who knew??!!  At the risk of sounding like a braggart I can hardly keep track of all the emails and phone calls.  I must have the kind of résumé that people are looking for right now.

Aside from Quicken Loans, all of the potential jobs are coming to me from staffing agencies/recruiters/job boards.  Unfortunately some of the same jobs are coming to me from different sources.  It's like some sort of game, like Concentration - trying to remember who said what and which descriptions sound remarkably similar.

While running errands today I got a call from the agency that is placing me at Ally Financial next week for a four month assignment.  They said they needed my W2 forms from 2005-2010 before I could start on Monday.  MONDAY???? I said.  I'm supposed to start on 11/1.  Oh, she said, the contract said on or about 11/1.  Hmmmmmm.  They had asked when I wanted to start and I said 11/1 -- what's so complicated about that?

After a little go-round, I told them the earliest I could start would be 10/31, but I'd prefer 11/1.  I've got things lined up to do every day until then.  Jeez.  I've got an in-person interview with Quicken Loans on Tuesday -- keep your fingers crossed that I like them and they like me.

All this stress is leading to one thing:
Nothing like a delicious treat to cure what ails ya!  Oh, and maybe a glass of good Ripasso to down it with!


harriet said...

Wow. Sounds like it could be very confusing. Good to hear that things are moving along though.

Just what/where is that yummy looking treat? Looks like 2 chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream (?) in between?

Suzanne said...

It's two carrot cake cookies with buttercream filling -- waaaay too good. I failed to mention that I actually ate TWO of them! They're from Love and Buttercream, on Crooks just south of 13 Mile, on the east side of the street.

Anonymous said...

~good luck @ quicken!..looks tasty ;-D