Monday, October 29, 2012

New Phone

I was having problems with the Samsung Galaxy S III that I got back in August at Costco.  I tried getting it 'adjusted' at the store on Saturday and finally gave up on it Sunday.  The keyboard kept crapping out on me and it was making me nuts!

So thank goodness I was able to find my receipt, box, etc. and I hauled it all over to the store and got a replacement.  Unfortunately I lost all of my calendar entries except for birthdays.  Darn, darn, darn.  At least the keyboard is functioning properly, so far, and I'm no longer yelling at my phone!  Now I have to reload my apps and ringtones.  It's hard to remember all that I had.  At least when I was getting a new computer at work I would take a screenshot of the desktop and programs pages so I would be able to remember!  And no, I didn't have the kind of backup software on my phone to help with that.  But now I do!!

The winds are howling tonight -- hoping all my family and friends are safe in the path of Hurricane Sandy.......

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