Monday, October 8, 2012

Great Day

A while back I decided that I could no longer enjoy my hobby of rug hooking due to the damage to my thumbs and forefingers.  Both appendages are essential for proper wool strip manipulation and I couldn't envision ever being able to do that craft again.

Yesterday I sorted out my frames, tools, patterns, wool cutter, and wool yardage and today I packed it into my car.  My friend Kris over at Spruce Ridge Studios had messaged me on Facebook that she might be interested in taking it off my hands.  Kris is an extremely talented rug hooker and fabric dyer and has a thriving business, teaching and vending all over the country.

So with my packed Focus and my friend Sue, I headed out to Kris's home in Howell.  After unloading my goods, Kris introduced us to her critters and we had a chance to take a few pictures.

She's got some beautiful Angora goats....

They love to eat the pine needles from the nearby tree -- a real treat for them!

Kris took virtually everything I brought off my hands -- so very thankful!  I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me.  I just knew I was never going to hook rugs again and felt bad about storing all of my supplies.  I'm sure they will find a good home through Kris.  She knows a lot of ruggers and I know someone else will be able to put the supplies to good use.

This worked out very well for me too, because yesterday I bought a new kitchen table at the Birmingham Farmers' Market:
It doesn't look new does it??  It's re-purposed barn wood furniture made by Larry Hall in Hartland, MI.  I've been wanting to get new furniture, specifically furniture made in the USA and I hit the jackpot here since it also appeals to my recycling side.  Larry explained that he tore down the barn, removed the nails and then pieced the furniture using the old-fashioned mortise and tenon method.  I positively love it!

Believe it or not (those who know me will believe it!) this was the first time I had sat down to dinner at the dining table in YEARS!  Clutter has ruled my life but I'm slowly mastering the art of de-cluttering and I feel so much better.  It has certainly been a challenge for me and I'm working at taking emotion out of the equation and trying hard to reduce my irrational ties to things.  I'm getting there!


Eddie said...

Beautiful table! Is that a chair on one side and a bench on the other? I like them all.

Suzanne said...

Thanks! It's a two-seater bench seat against the wall and pretty much a one-seater bench in front.

harriet said...

Your trip looks like a lot of fun.

I love your new table. It's gorgeous! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

~nice table & cute animals! ;-D