Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time to Vote!

Since I started back to work, my left brain has been over-taking my right brain.  Seemingly listless, I've been trying to jump-start my creative side.  On Saturday I'm heading off to our annual Rug Hooking Hook-In.  An all day event where dozens and dozens of rug hookers get together to hook, and talk, and eat, and shop!  I'll be taking a rug I've hooked and trying to get it finished.  I need your help!  I'll either be finishing the Lighthouse Rug or the Ugly Chicken Rug.  Please vote on the sidebar!!

To help you choose, here are some pictures of the Lighthouse Rug:

Yes, I did finish hooking it in 2005 -- what's your point??!!

And here are the Ugly Chicken Rug pictures.
Before blocking:

After blocking:

Yes, it probably is one of the U-G-L-I-E-S-T things I've ever made.  I will take no credit whatsoever for it.  I took a workshop in a very crowded basement with a teacher who seemed less than enthusiastic and an insane  Corgi ruled the roost!

Blocking makes all the difference in rug hooking and my trusty Maytag iron did the trick:

So, please help me choose which rug to finish on Saturday by voting in my poll in the right sidebar.

And for my friend Mary (and anyone else who may be interested)  -- my new wine varietal of choice for Spring/Summer is:

Kick that bottle of Moscato to the curb and buy a Vouvray today!!  You'll thank me -- you will!


Anonymous said...

Oh, the chicken...mine is buried somewhere...never touched it after that day. Have fun at the Hook-In. We are heading north to do some work.
P.S. Thanks for the wine tip!

Anonymous said...

I'm the lone chicken rug vote. I say finish it! Get it done and get rid of it!!! Then you can spend your time on things you like better!

Kim W