Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Things

It's always the little things in life that you just take for granted.  Like working windshield wipers in a driving rainstorm.  Like cozy pillows when you put your head down at night.  Like good friends to talk each other through life's tumultuous times.  Like a fine wine that ages with time, so are the friendships of the Chicken group.

I enjoyed every minute of my getaway weekend (minus the rough drive home, of course).  I finished an Inside Out hat and started on a wacky shawl pattern.  I remember now why I haven't made this pattern in years.  Mohair is involved.  Need I say more?!

We had wonderful food and plenty of wine.  My contribution for the weekend meals was omelets in a baggie.  Once I figured out they needed to cook longer than the recipe indicated, they turned out well.  I made a couple of changes to the recipe, too -- I sauteed the Cippolini onions as well as the mushrooms -- they were delicious!  I'd make them again and since I used egg whites for 2/3 of the egg requirements and organic brown eggs for the other 1/3, it was as healthy an omelet as it could be.

Here are a couple of moonlight shots.  Couldn't decide which one I like better so here's both of my Moon over Torch Lake shots:

Kevin took the Montana in to have the wipers fixed for me today.  Turned out it was some sort of pin that broke.  I kept insisting it wasn't anything I had done to cause this trauma.  For his effort I treated Kevin to dinner at Lockhart's BBQ in Royal Oak.  He had the Quadruple Bypass Sandwich:

"Quadruple Bypass  ----  House sandwich!  1 lb. combination of pulled pork, smoked bacon, smoked sausage, smoked ham & smoked cheddar.  Served with a special treat!  15.99"

It truly is a cardiac doctor's best friend!  I had St. Louis ribs and the best part? -- They were FREE.  Yes, indeedy my friends.  My rib dinner was free.  Because of my abundant good looks, you ask.  Oh, no.  It was on account of my birthday in March.  So if you enjoy the food at Lockhart's BBQ be sure to go to their website and join their Birthday Club!  Be like me -- eat for free.  Sounds like a slogan, eh?

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