Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back to Work

After 2 1/2 months of 'vacation' I returned to work today at my old company.  Luckily, I have the same access code for my keypad entry, same email address, same telephone extension -- it's like a time warp, as if I'd never left.  I have a new desk and had to go all day without system access.  There was a lot of finger pointing and 'oh, we don't handle that, call ...'.  My new laptop should be delivered one day this week.

It was great to see my former co-workers and get caught up a bit.  I also had an hour long conference call with all of the other new people joining the team today with me.  It's nice to not be the only new person on the team.

Today is my Mom's 85th birthday -- phew!  I took her to dinner last night since I knew I'd have more time.  It was a gourmet meal -- bacon cheese dogs and fries at 5 Guys Burgers.  I think it could be her new favorite place!  I also gave her a nice gift card for Trader Joe's, which she always refers to as 'The Trader'.  I told her to buy some things she never gets -- treat herself!

Had to share this photo -- isn't he just precious???!!



Anonymous said...

congratulations on getting a new job. And a job where you can walk in and at least be familiar with some parts is even better! Is it at the same building? Do you get to see old friends?
Wishing you the best-Kim T

Suzanne said...

Thanks Kim. Yes, same building, many of my old friends are there. Sadly, some are not.