Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's so much easier.... be compliant when you know what's expected of you.  Apparently I was supposed to have received a form that provides residency information for my new job.  It's part of the Homeland Security compliance but unfortunately for me it was not included in my acceptance letter.  Under the new rules (since shortly after I was hired the first time) you have to provide a copy of your passport (mine's expired), otherwise you have to send a copy of your driver's license and your social security card.  I never carry my SS card so I had to zoom home today during work to get it, make copies, fax copies, then send another set via FedEx.  All done to prevent my termination tomorrow.  No stress there.

New motto:  "Left Hand, meet Right Hand, Right Hand, meet Left Hand".

On the bright side my new manager thanked me for taking initiative in securing my LotusNotes access, so we can finally communicate using something other than my personal email.

Yesterday I finished knitting the chemo hat for my friend Sue's sister.  I mailed it off to her this morning but here are the photos I took before packaging it up:

I hope it fits well and isn't loosey-goosey!

Yesterday's Door to Door Organics delivery did not have anything new and strange in it this time:

I love fresh produce in the dead of winter!!

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SusanQuilter said...

The chemo cap is really cute--that is so sweet of you to make her one! Also, what will you do with the blood oranges?? I've certainly heard of them, but never had one! Love those sweet mini peppers, so crunchy & delicious!

harriet said...

Ooooo, blood oranges - taste so good! Just eat them plain, make juice, etc.

MaryLynn said...

The hat turned out so nice, and so are you!

Suzanne said...

I ate a blood orange today like a Clementine. It was really de-lish. the color was a bit freaky, though.

Loved the colors in the hat, myself!