Monday, February 21, 2011

Not Exactly as Planned

We got socked again with more snow than the weatherman originally forecasted last night.  Yesterday they told us we'd be getting 2-4 inches of snow.  Bzzzzzz -- wrong again.  We got nearly 10" at my house and it was heavy to shovel this morning.  Kevin had to get to work and I was parked behind him.  I know, note to self -- switch positions in the driveway next time!

People were getting stuck on my road all day long.  I saw a BMW having trouble pulling onto my street and he kept rocking and rocking his car.  Finally he had to stop to allow a funeral procession to pass by him before eventually making his way onto my street.  Another full size pick up truck worked for over an hour to make his way up my street.  At one point he was backing into my driveway and trying to get some traction.
Took this shot through my front window -- afraid he wouldn't appreciate me sticking my head out the front door to take it!

I had planned on going to a 'going out of business' sale at a yarn shop but decided:

  • didn't want to venture out in this weather
  • didn't really need more yarn, even at bargain prices
  • wanted to make a pot of soup
  • needed to move my sewing table into the craft room and move the desk into the utility room, thus involving more cleaning and organizing than anyone could possibly want to do
Nearly all of my intended tasks were completed.  I still have a bit of organizing to do in both rooms.  I made the soup, details coming tomorrow.  I did venture out across the street for a coney and fries, because I could walk there and not have to drive.

One of the benefits of changing out the tables is more heat is making it into the craft room.  The other arrangement was blocking the flow from the only register in the room.  Duh.

Hope you're all surviving the weather in your part of the world.  Can't wait for Spring to get here.  Someone on TV posted a sign somewhere that said 'To the person praying for more snow - please stop!'

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