Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Knitting Today

I took a day off from knitting and got a bunch of things done in its place.  I put away the outplacement firm tools and notes I took from their multiple webinars.  Filed away the retirement letter from the CEO.  Tried to scan in the quilt guild's contract -- ack.  Formatting was all over the place so I just re-created it in Word instead.  Now I can send it off to two different teachers.

I bet I forgot to mention I 'volunteered' to be the 2nd vice-president for GLHQ next year, right?  Yep.  Did it before in 1999-2000 but now there's so much technology involved in catching up to the speakers, wherever they may be.  I've got some great teachers lined up -- just have to get the signed contracts back and work on the logistics.

I had a 'come to Jesus' discussion with my roommate this morning.  It was definitely one of those 'I'm talking and you're listening' talks.  It's time for him to find a job with steady pay.  I told him about a resume writing workshop at the community college and he went over there and networked with the instructor.  He really needs to find something in his degree, marketing, but honestly, there just hasn't been much of anything around here for the last several years in his field.  Times are improving and it's his chance to test the waters again.  So said I.

I picked up a few groceries and stopped at Frentz & Sons Hardware to ask about my new toilet problem.  One of the bolts is loose and I had a feeling the flange was broken.  Mike Frentz suggested that the floor could be bad too and suggested someone to do the work for me.  In 1997 I completely re-did the bathroom, mostly by myself and I remember the sub-floor being a little tenuous.  I called the carpenter/plumber guy and he came right over.  He checked it out carefully and will pull the toilet on Monday morning and see if it's just the flange that needs replacing.  Please say it is, please say it is.  Otherwise it's a 3 day project and a few thousand dollars.  Ugh.  Since this is a one bathroom house, we can't be without it, so there aren't too many options.

Moving on to better topics.......I picked up some fresh cilantro, scallions, a lime, and some honey to make a scrumptious broiled salmon with pineapple salsa dish.  Fresh baby spinach and a butternut squash from Door to Door Organics completed the meal.  Yummo!

Close up of the fabulous salsa and glazed salmon:

I'm off to bed early.  I think the pending plumbing repair is taking a toll on my psyche.

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