Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fiber Fumes

Happy happy, joy joy. A sea of fibery goodness awaited us at the Spinners Flock Fleece Fair. More fiber than any one person could ever hope to use in their lifetime. Thank goodness, I only left with a bit of roving and a couple of skeins of yarn.

A bright shade of lime in a wool/mohair blend, spun by Haltwhistle Fibres from Liz Cowdery fibers.  Odd thing is, I think I have some of this roving!

Kate was auditioning these hanks of handspun but knowing her preferred colors, was there any real doubt they'd go home with her:

I had four other BSKG members in my car and we stopped at several more places after the Fleece Fair: lunch in Northville, not memorable, Center Street Knits, and Knitting on the Fringe, which had recently moved to their new location.  Loved both shops for different reasons:  great ambiance and yarn at Center Street Knits; lots of yarn, patterns, and buttons to pick from at Knitting on the Fringe.

I have to say I'm whipped from all the driving and the yarn fumes.  I might think about casting on a new scarf  tonight but then again, I just might put my jammies on and call it a day!

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Heather Woollove said...

What fun!!
(Love your latest scarf, too! Who cares if you bought the yarn's gorgeous!)

Suzanne said...

The other skein was meant for a hat, so I guess there's no harm, whatsoever!