Thursday, February 24, 2011

City Data

Today I clicked on the 'Do I Need A Jacket' button in my right sidebar.  I typed in my zip code and lo and behold, I DO need a jacket today.  Duh.  I knew that by looking outside because it's pretty nasty out there. I clicked on another link on that page that I'd never gone to before and discovered all sorts of data about my little area of the world.  Just about every statistic you could ever need is found here.  The data for my area is from 2009 but that's pretty close.  You can look up areas you might consider moving to, places where relatives or friends live, or just dream about living in warmer climates, like me today!


harriet said...

Your blog looks different - again!

Suzanne said...

Approve? It's kind of bold and dark. Not sure I'm in love with it but I like how it is segmented and clean that way.