Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One becomes Two

I stayed home from work today, wisely, and made an appointment with my doctor.  My actual doctor, not someone else in his practice.  I hadn't seen him in nearly 3 years.  I don't get sick often, but it does seem to happen in bunches.

Today he diagnosed me with pharyngitis and put me on antibiotics just in case there was some Strep brewing.  He also reviewed the results from the vascular screening tests that I had done at Beaumont a while ago and decided it was time to work on my blood pressure.  Several readings in a row of 140/90 were the source of his concern so now I've got a new prescription to take.  Reducing my sodium intake, dropping my weight and getting back to a regular exercise routine would will help too.

Since my Mom has high blood pressure I'm not too surprised that I could have it too.  She had a mild stroke about 10 years ago so I know the consequences of ignoring problems.

So I went in with one problem and came out with two.  Not what I was hoping for but it's better to address them early.

I did finish another hat today, after a long nap, and started more felted pieces for my next wool coat.  I might have it done tomorrow -- stay tuned.

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