Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting it together, slowly

Thanks to some good vibes from my sister Renee and a heart to heart with my friend Eddie (thank you both!) I am starting to get it back together.  Every little area of my life was coming unglued at once and I'm finding a way to work through it all.  There are just some things that you can't change.  Things that will come up in your life and disappoint you.  People will disappoint you.  Life is full of disappointments, right?  It's how you handle them that determines your happiness.  I have a plaque on my craft room wall from an art fair that reads 'Never let yesterday use up today'.  I need to keep repeating that wise phrase.

In the meantime, I've been doing my quilt guild Treasurer duties tonight and I must say I got a bit frustrated.  I had a bank deposit slip and NO cash receipt form from a corresponding guild member.  I searched high and low, certain that my inept organizational skills had let me down AGAIN.  Ugh. hit me......the deposit was for the wayward door prize check that took two months to get to me (very long story) and there was NO cash receipt form in the envelope when it arrived.  Thank goodness.  I was proving Kevin right that when my apple cart gets upset I do indeed turn into the Tasmanian Devil.

Now I can sleep well, knowing everything is right with my Treasurer's books.  At least I know I'm tired enough to conk right out.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be stormy all day so I'm not taking the bus.  I'll also get home earlier by driving and that will work because I've got a meeting before the quilt guild meeting and I always have a bunch of things to get ready to take to the meeting.  Now, where's my nametag???

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janet said...

I hope you have a really good day! Your post was timely for me, I too have been going through some things. "Never let yesterday use up today."- What a great sentiment, I must remember it.