Friday, May 7, 2010

Do Overs

Tonight I attended a chamber concert at Hagopian's Rug Store.  I know, it's an odd location but it works, mostly.  It felt like it was 90º there -- I think I was melting as I knit.  My friend Sally provided the ticket for the event and I always enjoy the music.  I was knitting my little heart out -- I got about 11" done on my red hat while I was roasting.  Unfortunately I didn't have a tape measure with me and now I find that I knit 2 rows too many.  No biggie -- I'll just un-knit it tomorrow.  Good thing as I'm not sure I have enough yarn without ripping it back.

Something unusual happened during the second half of the performance.  The cellist introduced the piece by Mozart and mentioned that Mozart had played the viola part during its debut.  I don't know if that rattled the man playing the viola or not but the trio began to play and the violist stopped and asked to start over.  There was some laughter but I didn't quite hear what it was about.  No doubt Mozart's name came up.

Life presents us with do-over opportunities quite often.  Seeing the potential for improvement and acting on it makes all the difference between settling for mediocrity and getting it right.

The weather has been lousy all day with thunderstorms and gray skies.  Tomorrow is going to be chilly and breezy.  Wish we could 'do-over' the the forecast.

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