Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Awkward Moment

It was such a hot and steamy day today.  We lost power several times at my office and eventually were released early.  I hopped on an earlier bus than expected and enjoyed the air-conditioned ride.  Once home I got my giveaway prize packaged up and took it to the post office -- should get to you by Friday Janet!

From there I headed to the gas station -- my low fuel light was on - yikes.  When I got out of my car to start filling my tank something very odd happened.  A woman in a beat up car pulled alongside my pump on the other side.  She called out to me and when I approached her car (maybe not the safest thing to do) she said she was living out of her car and asked if I could give her some money to help feed her three kids, also in the car.  I was caught off guard and said I was sorry but I couldn't help her.  She left and I felt bad.  Maybe I should have given her a few dollars, I don't know.  Maybe I should have done what my co-worker Ric or my son Kevin have done -- offered to take the kids into the convenience store and buy them what they'd like.  I didn't think fast enough and now I keep seeing the hopeful eyes of three little children looking to me for help.  I'll try to react differently next time.

As if to soothe my soul, I queried the driver who pulled up next to me and asked what he would have done.  He admitted he probably wouldn't have given her cash either. 

So the question of the day is:  what would you have done?  I'd appreciate your input.

I promised a progress picture of the Willy Nilly bag and here it is~~

I have enough to make a second bag using lighter colors so look for that in the days to come.

I'm taking the day off of work tomorrow to go to a new dealership to get my air conditioning fixed in my car, along with a radiator cap recall.  Hopefully I'll make it over to my original dealership to get my free oil change, too.  It's been six months but I think I'm getting close to giving in and getting a haircut, so tomorrow might be the day for that too.  So much maintenance needed!


SusanQuilter said...

I missed the story as to why you are avoiding haircuts????

SusanQuilter said...

Oh; and as to the lady at the gas station. I don't think so quick on my feet either, and would have been uncertain about how to react to a money request. Probably would have said no, but I never carry much cash. I think the buying some food in the convenience store would have been good. That way you're not giving cash toward whatever problems she may have (alcohol & drugs are possible) & you could use a debit card there, if you didn't have much cash in your pocket.

janet said...

I would have been totally caught off guard, and do not think quickly on my feet, so I probably would have done the same as you. With time to think, I would have gone inside and purchased some food for the kids. In this day, trying to help others vs. trying to stay safe can require thought.

THe bag is coming along really nicely! And I love that you named it Willy Nilly:)