Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Last of the IQF Pictures...

...I promise!

The last group of pictures were from the various Modern and Pictorial exhibits.  I enjoy much of the design and fabric selection but often stand puzzled by the execution.  Well done is still a requirement in my book, even if the design is wonky.

This one by Heather Jones of Cincinnati, Ohio, is very calming to me with the use of the pale grey fabric as opposed to all white with the blue

 I love this one, Opposing Triangles by Katie Pedersen of Seattle, Washington.  Can you see the quilted triangles on the sides of the quilt?

This one is called 5-HTP Squared, by Jennifer Carolton-Bailly of Portland, Oregon.  Don't you love the colors?

Down Pat by Pat Budge of Garden Valley, Idaho, reminded me of a cotton rug.  The quilting made it seem like one of those wonderful hand-made rugs you see at art fairs.

This is Dream Fields by Janet Steadman of Langley, Washington.  The blocks remind me of Marcia Derse fabrics!

And finally, here are some pictorial quilts that I enjoyed at the show.

Marmalade Sunset by Ludmila Aristova, from Brooklyn, New York. I love the Chrysler Building in Manhattan.

Next is Raven Blanket by Lynn Czaban, from Vancouver, Washington.  It is based on a 1910 photograph by Edward Curtis.

This is Prairie Fire by Ruth Powers of Carbondale, Kansas.

I have been a fan of Hollis Chatelain (Hillsborough, South Carolina) for many years.  This piece, called Silk, is a wonderful depiction of the silk making process.

And lastly, Sure Signs of Spring, something my friend Sue and I were searching for when we visited Cincinnati last weekend.  The quiltmaker is Victoria Gray, from Heffley Creek, British Columbia, Canada.


Anonymous said...

~ luv the colors: 5 hpt squared &have pat down..raven blanket amazing! ;-D

Sue Chase said...

I think my favorite here is Prairie Fire---it sure photographed amazingly!