Monday, April 22, 2013

Space Bags

I used my new vacuum on some Space Bags and organized some pillows, a comforter, and finally some yarn.

Before ~~~

After ~~~

I deliberately left the shopping bag from Ewe-Nique Knits behind the bag for reference.  It's amazing how it shrinks the bag down but man, is it heavy!  Several bags ended up in the white tote container you see behind the shopping bag.  

Next, I think I'll be setting my winter sweaters aside for the season -- as long as winter is actually over!  I might be doing this with some roving too -- worried though, that the roving won't bounce back once the bag is reopened.  Any thoughts on this??

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Anonymous said...

~ luv space bags too!..sweaters/coats/turtlenecks/etc go in and come out of the space bags great! ;-D