Friday, April 5, 2013

Quilt Show Pictures

Today I headed over to the Quilt Guild of Metro Detroit show with my friend Diane.  Out of our whole group, we were the only ones able to go.  We saw plenty of guild members from our quilt guild, GLHQ, and there were lots of vendors in addition to the quilts on display.  I didn't see any show-stopper quilts but I took a few pictures of the ones I did like.

I bought a new AccuQuilt Go die, Log Cabin, and a couple of Legacy battings.  The crib size was $4 and the full size was $10 -- couldn't pass them by!  Diane found a few things to buy as well, so we did our part for the local economy.

I enjoyed the hand embroidery in this red & white wall hanging:

Hmmm, another red & white quilt, I must have been drawn to this combination today.  Plus it's a log cabin -- say, you think I should use my new AccuQuilt die for one of these??!!  Diane thinks so!

Diane really enjoyed this one:

I thought this outdoor-sy one was nice but the critters are from a panel, not appliquéd - :~(

After the quilt show Diane and I headed over to a new deli I had read about on Yelp.  I knew where it was but had forgotten its name!  As luck would have it, we stumbled upon Simply Delicious Deli and it lived up to its name.
I ordered the Chick-A-Do (Grilled chicken breast topped with pineapple, ham, Gouda, and avocado) and Diane ordered the Bistro Steak (Thinly shaved Ribeye topped with caramelized onions, tomatoes, Havarti, and Bleu cheese spread).  The waitress asked if we were sharing and put 1/2 of each sandwich on our plates -- very nice touch.  Both sandwiches were delicious (as the deli name says!) but Diane preferred the Chicken.  I would order either of them on another visit.  Yep, Sue, I did enjoy the Bleu cheese on the Bistro Steak.  :*)

We have had the nicest stretch of weather lately -- clear, blue skies, no rain, just delightful.  Could be a little bit warmer but it will come.

Now that I've been inspired again by a quilt show, I better get some sewing done this weekend!  Hope you have a great weekend, too!


Sue Chase said...

Sounds like a perfect day! What better way to spend it than with quilts, quilting friends, vendors & good food! I KNEW you'd love that steak!

Mary Sirianni said...

Thanks for sharing the pic's! Why am I suddenly hungry????

Pat Smith said...

Enjoyed the quilt pics. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

~ nice quilt pics & the food sounds yummy ;-D