Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Warning -- Fiber Fumes!!

When I'm good, I'm good.  When I'm bad, I'm really, really bad.  On my way home from Atlanta I stopped at the yarn shop Eat.Sleep.Knit, in Smyrna.  Tucked away in a little industrial type building I did not have high hopes but I quickly changed my mind.  Cubes and cubes and cubes of fibery goodness were carefully arranged by manufacturer and weight.

Ohhhhhhhh, too many decisions to make.  My heart was racing and I was beginning to panic.  Worried I would skip past a must-have item or two, I made my way methodically through the maze of yarn.  I selected sweater quantities of several colors of Fiberphile, ShiBui (on sale), some Malabrigo Chunky, some great yarn for baby sweaters, patterns (so the Fiberphile yarn would have a purpose), and treated myself to Knitter's Pride interchangeable needles.  The single light purple skein in the front was my scratch-off lottery card winner.  Feast your eyes on my haul:

I LOVE these two sweaters and can't wait to get them going.  I also bought these two baby sweater patterns from the shop near my niece's house:

I already knit up the one on the left using Shocking Pink chunky yarn from Malabrigo.  Love it!

After the stopping at Eat.Sleep.Knit I had time to hit one quilt shop.  I chose Little Quilts in Marietta.  I had no idea when I walked in that I was in THE Little Quilts quilt shop.

I fired off a quick text message to my Chicken friend Joyce.  Oh my -- I was not very well behaved here either!

I quickly found a really cute wool felt project and made my way around the jam-packed shop.  I was in search of a project to make for my soon-to-be married niece.  Hmmmm, I thought -- I have no idea whatsoever what their style or color choice would be.  I sent a quick text message off to my sister and decided on this pattern:
 but completely it changed out by using a jelly roll and this fabric:

I needed help and Kathie sure helped me a lot with selecting fabric!  I love all the fabrics and the creamy white above has a great design, too.  It will look completely different than the girly hearts in the pattern.  I'm also adding about 16" all the way around so they can cuddle on the couch with it!

I also bought the newest Jo Morton fat quarter bundle of yumminess:

So I have plenty of inspiration to carry me through the coming months.  No lack of raw materials here.  I just have to make time to be creative, something that's been pretty elusive the past few months.....

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SusanQuilter said...

Wow! What an awesome haul! Looks like a lot of fun, and I am absolutely drooling over the new Jo Morton fat-quarter pack--maybe there's one in MY future! Love all the pictures!